ZCUBES Nigeria Limited has grown steadily in capacity, diversity and geographical spread. Presently, we offer services to most of the Exploration and Production companies in Nigeria and beyond.  The growth in services portfolio makes us one of the most integrated indigenous service companies, with services ranging from Pipelines Services to Well Services. We equally design and produce patented products (such as high quality Pigging products) for the Oil and Gas Industry.

The company's focus is to offer safety, quality and value to all its clients thereby supporting the operators to maximize their oil and gas production.

With our dedicated personnel and equipment, we undertake Frac Packing, Gravel Packing and other related services.  We are one of the few Nigerian companies with expertise and experience in the Frac-Pack and Gravel Pack space. Our range of Well Services includes;

a} Gravel Packing and Frac Packing

b) Well Stimulation

c) Well Kill

d) High Pressure Pumping

Zcubes caters for the pigging products needs of pipeline owners and operators in Nigeria and beyond. We have the advantage of intellectual and practical support from years of pig manufacturing experience of our core staff.  We have continued to improve, adapt and customize our products to meet the challenges presented by the dynamics of the pipeline industry, while also being socially responsible to our immediate environment and involvement in civil projects that promote the well-being of the host communities. Our range of Pigs include;

1)  Foam Pigs

2)  Cup pigs & Bi-directional Pigs

3)  Specialized Pigs for Difficult or Unpigged Pipelines

We also offer services such as laying of oil and gas pipelines, pipeline fabrication/construction, pipeline coating, pipeline facility maintenance, production facilities inspection/maintenance (including rope access usage), non-destructive testing, corrosion prevention and control (cathodic protection, coating etc.). Our range of Pipeline Construction Services include;

a)  Pipeline Modification

b)  Pigging Barrels

c)  Pipeline Construction

We design and execute the entire pipeline inspection service from pre-inspection cleaning to the delivery of reports. We inspect pipeline pigging facilities, recommend and effect modifications if necessary. We also develop cleaning programs to prepare the pipelines for successful inspection. We recommend the inspection procedure that will best meet customer or regulatory needs. Our inline Inspection Services include:

i)   Geometry Inspection

ii)   MFL Inspection

iii)  Ultrasonic Testing (UT) Tools

We are also involved in oil and gas products procurement like flanges, OCTG pipes (oil pipes, drilling pipes, surface pipes), valves, LV cables etc.