Zcubes Nigeria Limited is an indigenous Nigerian company led by a seasoned team with international expertise in vessel charter services, procurement of marine equipment, marine logistics, trans-shipment operations, consultation and trainings.  We adhere strictly to global operational standards including Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) guidelines in the performance of our services as well as the relevant local content cabotage and operational laws of the countries where we operate.

In addition, Zcubes provides charter services with our fleet as well as 3rd party fleets to clients within the downstream ant upstream sector, as one of the few approved vessel providers on Nigeria Content Development Board (NCDMB) platform. Our operational, technical and safety procedures are revolutionary. The Company’s Marine & Logistics Division consistently employs the latest technology throughout our vessels nationwide, while driving the development of new technology in anticipation of our customers’ needs. Through strategic alliances, partnerships and exclusive management contracts, we are distinctively focused on remaining a premier marine services company.

Zcubes is a professionally managed marine services company, with a large team of qualified and experienced Marine Engineers supported by skilled technicians.  Together, we are determined to provide all necessary support services to meet the needs of our respective clients.  We offer customers a comprehensive suite of support services including crew transportation, platform supply, offshore accommodation, maintenance support, standby safety services, anchor handling and mooring capabilities in both shallow and deep-water environments across the nation.

Our reputation for professionalism and successful partnering with our clients has put us at the forefront of marine support providers for complex ultra-deepwater developments. Our operations include onshore services in areas of refurbishment of flow stations, onshore leasing and barging services. We have in our fleet swamp barges, pusher tugs, crew boats and accommodation modules for crew comfort in swampy locations.  In today’s market, there is no substitute for competence. Our personnel, both shore side and aboard vessels are committed to safety and service excellence.