At ZCUBES Nigeria Limited, we have sufficient resources and expertise to supply, install and maintain heavy duty equipment like Turbines, Christmas Trees, Flanges, Risers, SBM, OCTG, Pipes, Cranes, Pay-Loaders, Excavators, Fork-Lifts, Swamp Buggies, LP/HP Pumps, Fire Trucks, Generators, Compressors, Valves, Separators, BOP's amongst others.

Our solutions are consistent with the goals of our clients.  We research, develop and present multiple options, if required, to provide the best solutions. We leverage on strong international alliances with our strategic partners in order to meet the needs of our clients in terms of quality and quantity as well as time and location. This has helped our clients to increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve performance and have greater accountability.  It is our job to facilitate your order from the moment it is placed, up until delivery.

We make buying decisions even under scarcity conditions through the use of economic analysis methods such as cost benefits analysis or cost utility analysis. Considering the fact that it is favourable that goods and services are appropriate and that they are procured at the best possible price, we make an important distinction between analysis without risk and those with risk. Where risk is involved in cost of benefits, we may employ the concept of expected value.

From the commencement stage to final delivery at your door, our service quality is exceptionally high.  This level of dependability enables our client organisations meet their strategic procurement needs, objectives and deadlines, while also benefitting from highly competitive pricing.  Our experience with heavy duty equipment procurement has cemented our status as the go-to company of choice when clients require reliable heavy duty equipment for their peculiar organizational requirements.